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Our highly focused strategy is the foundation of our success. Rather than investing opportunistically, we seek out partnerships that fall within our specific areas of expertise and experience. This helps us add more value to the relationship, maximize efficiencies and maximize the potential for attractive long-term returns. Each of our portfolio companies is unique, but the traits they share—size, region, industry and growth potential—enable us to leverage our experience more effectively and more quickly



We focus on companies with $15 to $250 million in revenue and $4 to $20 million in EBITDA. Westward was specifically created to address the needs of smaller middle-market companies that are often overlooked by traditional private equity investors.


Why the Lower Middle Market


We partner exclusively with companies in the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. By keeping our focus regional, we are able to work more closely with our partners and maintain a deep understanding of local markets.


Why Northwestern North America


Westward focuses specifically on Industries in which we have significant experience. These industries are typically characterized by high margins, low cyclicality and less operational complexity. ​Our industry specific experience includes companies engaged in Business Services, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Consumer Products.


Our Industry Focus



Westward focuses on companies with an established track record of consistent earnings and good growth potential. Each of our portfolio companies are unique, yet they all share the following characteristics: management teams with a history of success, strong profit margins, consistent or increasing cash flows and a leverage-able base of human capital or other assets.

Company Criteria

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